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House of Wax
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A New York sculptor who opens a wax museum to showcase the likenesses of famous historical figures runs into trouble with his business partner, who demands that the exhibits become more extreme in order to increase profits.
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Vincent Price
Vincent PriceHenry Jarrod
Frank Lovejoy
Frank LovejoyTom Brennan
Phyllis Kirk
Phyllis KirkSue Allen
Carolyn Jones
Carolyn JonesCathy Gray
Paul Picerni
Paul PicerniScott Andrews
Roy Roberts
Roy RobertsMatthew Burke
Angela Clarke
Angela ClarkeMrs Andrews
Paul Cavanagh
Paul CavanaghSidney Wallace
Oliver Blake
Oliver BlakeMan Checking His Watch uncredi...
Larri Thomas
Larri ThomasCanCan Dancer uncredited
Steve Carruthers
Steve CarruthersMuseum Patron uncredited
Frank Ferguson
Frank FergusonMedical Examiner uncredited
Jack Kenney
Jack KenneyLodger uncredited
Lyle Latell
Lyle LatellWaiter uncredited
Philo McCullough
Philo McCulloughSpectator Man Entering Music ...

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