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More Sex, Lies and Depravity

'More Sex,Lies & Depravity' is the follow on film to 2012's Brutal Independent shocker 'Sex,Lies & Depravity'. This stand alone sequel produces a pounding punch to the franchise, and follows theGenres:drama, boxofficeYear:2013Quality:HDTV WATCH NOW

Autopsy - Sex, Lies and Murder

Dr. Michael Baden examines four intriguing crimes that were solved with the help of forensic science in this 11th 'Autopsy' film.Genres:documentary, crimeYear:2006Quality:HDTV WATCH NOW

Preaching Lies

A film uncovering the deadly secrets of two families and how trying to use the Word of God for bad will still turn things around for good.Genres:drama, boxofficeYear:2022Quality:HDTV WATCH NOW
Preaching Lies
Preaching Lies
2019drama, boxoffice

Sex, Lies and the College Cult

Follow the shocking and unnerving story of Larry Ray and how he brainwashed students of Sarah Lawrence College into an abusive sex cult that upended their lives, and the lives of their families.Genres:Movies, documentaryYear:2022Quality:HDTV WATCH NOW