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Muichkine, a young Russian prince, returns home to St. Petersburg from a mental institution, determined to spread decency and kindness in the harsh and cruel world. He becomes betrothed to an innocent young girl while trying to save a less-innocent woman from her own travail, but jealousy and his own naivete conjoin to bring about unimaginable tragedy.
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Edwige Feuillre
Edwige FeuillreNastasia Philipovna
Lucien Codel
Lucien CodelRogogine
SylvieMadame Ivolvine
Grard Philipe
Grard PhilipeLe prince Muichkine
Nathalie Nattier
Nathalie NattierAgla Epantchine
Michel Andr
Michel AndrGania Ivolvine
Roland Armontel
Roland ArmontelLouliane Timofeievitch Lebedie...
Marguerite Moreno
Marguerite MorenoLa gnrale Elisabeth Prokovievn...

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