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Miracle à Milan
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Once upon a time an old woman discovers a baby in her cabbage patch. She brings up the child and, when she dies, the boy, Toto, enters an orphanage. Toto leaves the orphanage a happy young man, and looks for work in post-war Milan. He ends up with the homeless and organizes them to build a shanty town in a vacant lot. The squatters discover oil in the land and Toto sees a vision of the old woman who gives him a magic dove that will grant him anything he wishes.
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Emma Gramatica
Emma GramaticaLa vecchia Lolotta
Anna Carena
Anna CarenaMarta la signora altezzosa
Alba Arnova
Alba ArnovaLa statua che prende vita
Checco Rissone
Checco RissoneIl comandante in secondo
Gianni Branduani
Gianni BranduaniTot a 11 anni

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