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Éducation de prince
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Prince Sacha studies in Paris and cares more for Marianne than about Silistrie, the country his family was exiled from. But Chautard, a French financier, who has business there (the country is rich in oil), wouldn't mind a little political stability. So why not restore the ancient royal family to the throne? But is Prince Sacha up to his role ? And will Marianne make ...
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Elvire Popesco
Elvire PopescoLa reine de Silistrie
Louis Jouvet
Louis JouvetRen Cercleux
Andr Alerme
Andr AlermeChautard
Josette Day
Josette DayMarianne Honorat
Robert Lynen
Robert LynenLe prince Sacha
Mireille Perrey
Mireille PerreyGisle Beryl
Geymond Vital
Geymond VitalLe gnral Braoulitch

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