Simetierre : aux origines du Mal

In 1969, a young Jud Crandall has dreams of leaving his hometown of Ludlow, Maine behind, but soon discovers sinister secrets buried within and is forced to confront a dark family history that will forever keep him connected toGenres:fantasy, horrorYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW


Samuel is surprised by a subject identical to him and begins to discover that the world around him is controlled by someone superior.Genres:horrorYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

The Jester

A malevolent being known as The Jester terrorizes the inhabitants of a small town on Halloween night, including two estranged sisters who must come together to find a way to defeat this evil entity.Genres:horror, mystery, thrillerYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW


Helen navigates a ravaged world with her boyfriend Kevin and her little brother Barney. Desperate to find help after Barney's infection slowly turns him into a zombie, they come upon a house where lives Dan, a man harboring a heavyGenres:horrorYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

A Southern Haunting

After receiving 40-acres, an ex-slave family battles man and myth to uncover the truth behind their land.Genres:horror, thrillerYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW


After hitting a breaking point, Hannah's inner thoughts physicalize into a monstrous creature that threatens to upend her life.Genres:comedy, drama, horrorYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Beneath Us All *ENGLISH*

Julie is a foster child heading for her 18th birthday when she finds something buried with something unspeakable inside.Genres:drama, fantasy, horrorYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Juega o Muere

Two kids play a game with their sadistic older cousin and awaken a cruel entity knows as "The Skarrow."Genres:horror, thrillerYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Zombie Town

Amy and Mike unearth a centuries-old curse when they decide to watch an exclusive film reel. The duo must track down an infamous filmmaker and navigate a town of hungry zombies to save the world.Genres:comedy, horrorYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Dream Scenario

Hapless family man Paul Matthews finds his life turned upside down when millions of strangers suddenly start seeing him in their dreams. But when his nighttime appearances take a nightmarish turn, Paul is forced to navigate hisGenres:comedy, horrorYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Don't Look Away

After a gang of criminals unintentionally unleashes a supernatural force onto the world, a young woman named Frankie is convinced she's being stalked by a killer mannequin. Frankie soon realizes that her friends are in jeopardy too.Genres:horrorYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Trauma Therapy: Psychosis

Self-help guru Tobin Vance has been exiled to the UK, avoiding arrest from his US operations. Now, he's secretly running more retreats, with the help of a new assistant Elizabeth, and his acolyte John.Genres:horror, thrillerYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW


Genres:horrorYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Natty Knocks

On Halloween Eve, Britt and the kids she is babysitting have to survive the horror of serial killer Abner Honeywell, who is himself the traumatized son of B-movie horror legend "Natty Knocks".Genres:horror, thrillerYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Happy Birthday

A young student comes to grips with her gruesome past when her college friends take her to a "haunted" house on the edge of town. The coeds find themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time as an escaped killer is holedGenres:horrorYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

பீட்ஸா 3: தி மம்மி

A restaurant owner experiences mysterious activities in his kitchen, only to discover a connection with the ghost haunting his place.Genres:drama, horror, thrillerYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

My Animal

Heather, an outcast teenage goalie in a small northern town, falls for newcomer Jonny, an alluring but tormented figure skater. As their relationship deepens, Heather’s growing desires clash with her darkest secret, forcing her toGenres:horror, romanceYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW


An Indian-American teenager struggling with her cultural identity has a falling out with her former best friend and, in the process, unwittingly releases a demonic entity that grows stronger by feeding on her loneliness.Genres:drama, horror, thrillerYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Jurassic Shark 3: Seavenge

A reporter, cameraman, and some petty thieves are stranded in a boat out on the ocean. The only thing that stands between them and their lives is a 50-foot prehistoric megalodon shark. They must all pull together to survive.Genres:horrorYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Thanksgiving : la semaine de l'horreur

After a Black Friday riot ends in tragedy, a mysterious Thanksgiving-inspired killer terrorizes Plymouth, Massachusetts - the birthplace of the holiday. Picking off residents one by one, what begins as random revenge killings areGenres:horror, mystery, thrillerYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW
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