Les branchés à Saint-Tropez

Four friends discover the pleasures of Saint-Tropez.Genres:comedyYear:1983Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Easy Money

To inherit his mother-in-law's colossal fortune, a hard living gambling addict must change his unhealthy ways before it gets the best of him.Genres:comedyYear:1983Quality:HDTV WATCH NOW

The Scarlet and the Black

Fr. Hugh O'Flaherty is a Vatican official in 1943-45 who has been hiding downed pilots, escaped prisoners of war, and Italian resistance families. His diplomatic status in a Catholic country prevents Colonel Kappler from openlyGenres:drama, history, tvmovie, warYear:1983Quality:HDTV WATCH NOW

A Christmas Story

The comic mishaps and adventures of a young boy named Ralph, trying to convince his parents, teachers, and Santa that a Red Ryder B.B. gun really is the perfect Christmas gift for the 1940s.Genres:comedy, familyYear:1983Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Ultraman II: The Further Adventures of Ultraman

When, prehistoric monsters attack the earth, Commander Adams is asked to head up a paramilitary scientific team, which he agrees on the condition that he is provided with the general's new high-tech space craft. Glen, the creator ofGenres:action, animation, sciencefictionYear:1982Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Attack of the Super Monsters

In the near future it's discovered that the dinosaurs did not die off, but instead live on near the center of the Earth. The evil lord Tyrannus uses the mutated dinosaurs descendents to attack Earth in his effort to rule the world.Genres:animation, sciencefiction, action, adventure, fantasyYear:1982Quality:HD WATCH NOW

DAICON IV Opening Animation

A girl is visited by two men from a space ship. They give her water she needs for her daicon (radish). On her journey to deliver the water, she crosses paths with iconic characters from comic books, live-action films, literature andGenres:animation, action, sciencefiction, fantasyYear:1982Quality:HD WATCH NOW

A Time Slip of 10000 Years: Prime Rose

This is a fantasy story about a sword and the magic of a girl warrior, Emiya, in a fictitious world. A strong country, Guroman, attacks and overtakes the country of Kukurit, though the particulars of when and where this happens areGenres:sciencefiction, animation, action, adventure, tvmovieYear:1982Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Unico in the Island of Magic

A young unicorn named Unico must fight an evil magician and save everyone who's trapped under his spell.Genres:animation, adventure, familyYear:1982Quality:HD WATCH NOW


From the depths of space he is coming... Ancient beyond understanding, his power is immeasurable. He has destroyed half the universe and is on his way here. He is… Genma. Only two people are aware of the imminent catastrophe:Genres:horror, action, animation, fantasy, sciencefictionYear:1982Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Doraemon: Nobita and the Castle of the Undersea Devil

Doraemon suggests going on an underwater adventure for a summer vacation, and they find a underwater civilization that doesn't have contact with surface nations.Genres:animation, adventure, comedyYear:1982Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Barefoot Gen

A powerful statement against war, Barefoot Gen is a disturbing story about the effect of the atomic bomb on a boy's life and the lives of the Japanese people.Genres:animation, biography, dramaYear:1982Quality:HD WATCH NOW


A Polish contractor, Nowak, leads a group of workmen to London so they can provide cheap labor for a government official based there. Nowak has to manage the project and the men as they encounter the tempations of the West andGenres:dramaYear:1982Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Kill Squad

A wealthy business man is a victim of an assault and is shot and wheelchair bound while his wife is gang raped and murdered. He then assembles his motley squad of Vietnam buddies to kung fu their way to revenge and get those muthasGenres:actionYear:1982Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Die Schattenreiter

After starring in "The Sacketts", Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott team up again but this time as Mac and Dal Traven, in a movie based on a classic Louis L'Amour novel. They are brothers, who meet up at the end of the Civil WarGenres:drama, romance, westernYear:1982Quality:HD WATCH NOW


Documentary about the Moroccan musical group Nass El Ghiwane.Genres:documentary, musicYear:1982Quality:HD WATCH NOW


Jess Tyler lives a quiet life next to an abandoned mining factory by himself in the desert. His life is turned upside down when a sexually provocative young woman comes to visit him and tells him she's his daughter. Jess finds itGenres:crime, dramaYear:1982Quality:HDTV WATCH NOW

The Man from Snowy River

Jim Craig has lived his first 18 years in the mountains of Australia on his father's farm. The death of his father forces him to go to the lowlands to earn enough money to get the farm back on its feet.Genres:drama, romance, adventure, western, familyYear:1982Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Time Walker

From deep within the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun, Professor Douglas McCadden ships the coffin of Ankh-Vanharis to the California Institute of Sciences where X-rays reveal five diamond-like crystals hidden within theGenres:horror, sciencefictionYear:1982Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Blade Runner

In the smog-choked dystopian Los Angeles of 2019, blade runner Rick Deckard is called out of retirement to terminate a quartet of replicants who have escaped to Earth seeking their creator for a way to extend their short life spans.Genres:action, drama, sciencefictionYear:1982Quality:HD WATCH NOW
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