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L’amour en miniature

When model-maker Olivia’s dad is set to retire from their firm, she believes she’s the obvious pick to take over. Robert isn’t sure this is the next right step for Olivia or the company and brings in an outsider to compete for theGenres:romanceYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Einstein y la bomba

What happened after Einstein fled Nazi Germany? Using archival footage and his own words, this docudrama dives into the mind of a tortured genius.Genres:documentary, historyYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW


A grieving woman uses her virtual reality therapy to exact revenge on her former friends.Genres:comedy, mystery, thrillerYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Underground Fights

A drifting ex-soldier turns underground fighter with the help of a just-released ex-con, pitting him against corrupt cops and hired killers now gunning for him and all those he cares about.Genres:action, thrillerYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Land of Bad

When a Delta Force special ops mission goes terribly wrong, Air Force drone pilot Reaper has 48 hours to remedy what has devolved into a wild rescue operation. With no weapons and no communication other than the drone above, theGenres:action, thrillerYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Snoopy présente : Bienvenue à la maison, Franklin

Franklin is new to town and hoping to make friends, but his usual tactics don't work on the Peanuts gang. When the Soap Box Derby arrives, he's sure it's a chance to impress new pals and teams up with the only other unpartnered kid:Genres:animationYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Love... Reconsidered

Ruby is a thirty and flirty (but definitely not thriving) New Yorker whose life is transferred to the Hamptons right after a chance meeting with a wealthy consignment store owner.Genres:comedy, romanceYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All

Can Taylor Tomlinson have it all? From dating woes to dream jobs to inventive dirty talk, she shares life's ups and downs in this stand-up comedy special.Genres:documentary, comedyYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Bob Marley: La leyenda

Jamaican singer-songwriter Bob Marley overcomes adversity to become the most famous reggae musician in the world.Genres:biography, drama, musicYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

This Is Me...Now, le film

An intimate, fantastical and narrative-driven reflection of Jennifer Lopez's journey of self-healing and self-love in an immersive world where music and visuals intertwine, revealing the challenges faced and the triumphs achieved.Genres:musicYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Cœurs en thérapie

When a skeptical journalist reluctantly participates in heartbreak therapy for an article, he ends up opening his heart to his charming therapist.Genres:comedy, romanceYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Lover, Stalker, Killer

In this twisting documentary, a mechanic tries online dating for the first time and meets a woman who takes romantic obsession to a deadly extreme.Genres:documentary, crimeYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW


The Bouvier-Sauvages, a large aristocratic family, meet the much more modest Martin family when their children's wedding is announced. For the occasion, the future bride and groom offer their parents DNA tests, which will revealGenres:comedyYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Viviendo mi película

Everything changes in Fani's life when the opportunity arises to do an exchange program and live in another country for a year. The revealing conversations by phone or MSN and the constant notes during the class turn to anotherGenres:romanceYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Una historia de amor en Soweto

Desperate for her three single sons to get married, a mother promises her house to the first one to tie the knot, setting off a race to the altar.Genres:comedy, romanceYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Madame Web

Forced to confront revelations about her past, paramedic Cassandra Webb forges a relationship with three young women destined for powerful futures...if they can all survive a deadly present.Genres:action, adventureYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Prise au jeu

New York sportswriter Mack has spent years devising successful hook-up "plays" with her friends, but when she unexpectedly falls for one of her targets, she must learn what it takes to go from simply scoring to playing forGenres:comedy, romanceYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Tue-moi si tu l'oses

A winning lottery ticket has grave consequences for a married couple when they start hatching plans to kill each other for the prize money.Genres:comedy, romanceYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Air Force One Down

On her first assignment aboard Air Force One, a rookie Secret Service agent faces the ultimate test when terrorists hijack the plane, intent on derailing a pivotal energy deal. With the President's life on the line and a globalGenres:action, thrillerYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Lisa Frankenstein

In 1989, a misunderstood teenager has a high school crush — who just happens to be a handsome corpse! After a set of playfully horrific circumstances bring him back to life, the two embark on a murderous journey to find love,Genres:comedy, horror, romanceYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

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