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Anarchist from Colony
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Based on the life of the Korean anarchist Park Yeol, the film shows his struggle to counter the massacre of Koreans by the government during the 1923 great Kanto earthquake, focusing on his activities as the leader of the anti-Japanese organization Bulryeongsa and his relationship with Japanese comrade Fumiko Kaneko.
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Lee Jehoon
Lee JehoonPark Yeol
Choi Heeseo
Choi HeeseoFumiko Kaneko
Kim Inwoo
Kim InwooMizuno
Kwon Yul
Kwon YulLee Seok
Min Jinwoong
Min JinwoongHong Jinyoo
Kim Junhan
Kim JunhanTatemasu
Baek Soojang
Baek SoojangChoi Younghwan
Jung Junwon
Jung JunwonKim Joonghan
Lee Junghyun
Lee JunghyunVigilante Corps
Choi Junghun
Choi JunghunJung Taesung
Darcy Paquet
Darcy PaquetForeign Reporter
Do Yonggu
Do YongguKurahei Yuasa
Lee Youngsuk
Lee YoungsukShidehara
Wi Hajun
Wi HajunYoung Korean Prisoner

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