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Tell Me a Creepy Story
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The beekeeper who accidentally kills his wife before nervously burying her body under his vegetable patch. The child born with an insatiable and increasingly inhuman appetite. The seemingly harmless couple who are serial killers and the home alone woman who is petrified someone is out to kill her. These terrifying tales come together in one anthology.
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Conleth Hill
Conleth HillDr Taggart The Good Word
Paul Kennedy
Paul KennedyIvan Cutler The Good Word
Laura Bayston
Laura BaystonLaura Gilligan Hungry Joe
Joe Sims
Joe SimsCraig Gilligan Hungry Joe
Carrie Cohen
Carrie CohenJackie Abbott Hungry Joe
Robert Portal
Robert PortalDr Lawrence Hungry Joe
Laurence Saunders
Laurence SaundersMr Davies Hungry Joe

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