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In 2007, the inhabitants of Danger Planet II fight their battles using remote-controlled robots or "virtual puppets." Kirio Nimura is a high school student and the strongest puppeteer on the planet, until he falls for Sairi Takahara, who insists that nobody may make advances until they have beaten her puppet, Benkei.
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Kenichi Suzumura
Kenichi SuzumuraKirio Nimura voice
Wakana Yamazaki
Wakana YamazakiSairi Takahara voice
Michie Tomizawa
Michie TomizawaMisuzu Nimura voice
Nobuo Tobita
Nobuo TobitaAtsushi Tya voice
Takehito Koyasu
Takehito KoyasuYki Osafune voice
Toshiyuki Morikawa
Toshiyuki MorikawaDiedrich Takahara voice
Yuji Ueda
Yuji UedaDaisuke Kurata voice
Yumi Takada
Yumi TakadaAkiko Shji voice

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