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7 hommes en or
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After bungling a job in London, Albert, an international thief, masterminds a plan to rob a Geneva bank of 7 tons of gold. Assisted by the seductive Giorgia, who works from within the bank, and six other accomplices, Albert sets himself up in an expensive hotel with a battery of electronic devices to supervise the operation.
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Philippe Leroy
Philippe LeroyAlbert the Professor
Gastone Moschin
Gastone MoschinAdolf The German
Gabriele Tinti
Gabriele TintiAldo The Italian
Manuel Zarzo
Manuel ZarzoAlfonso The Spaniard
Maurice Poli
Maurice PoliAlfred The Frenchman
Ennio Balbo
Ennio BalboPolice Chief
Jos Surez
Jos SurezBank Manager

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