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Justice sauvage 2 - La revanche
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The Walking Tall legacy continues with Bo Svenson as Sheriff Buford Pusser, a one-man army trying to rid his town of corruption. Out to avenge his wife's death at the hand of the mob, Sheriff Pusser blows up their moonshine operation. With Buford breathing down their necks, the syndicate hires two hitmen; one a maniacal race car driver, the other a deadly gunslinger. Any other man would've hightailed it out of there, but then Pusser is no ordinary man.
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Bo Svenson
Bo SvensonBuford Pusser
Luke Askew
Luke AskewPinky Dobson
Robert DoQui
Robert DoQuiObra Eaker
Leif Garrett
Leif GarrettMike Pusser
Bruce Glover
Bruce GloverGrady Coker
Dawn Lyn
Dawn LynDwana Pusser
Logan Ramsey
Logan RamseyJohn Witter
Lurene Tuttle
Lurene TuttleGrandma Pusser
Angel Tompkins
Angel TompkinsMarganne Stilson
Noah Beery Jr
Noah Beery JrCarl Pusser
Richard Jaeckel
Richard JaeckelStud Pardee

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