El silencio del agua (Only the River Flows)

1990s, Banpo Town, rural China. A woman’s body is found by the river. Ma Zhe, Chief of the Criminal Police, heads up the murder investigation that leads to an obvious arrest. His superiors hurry to congratulate him, but several cluesGenres:crime, drama, mysteryYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Death Rumble

Six wrestlers on tour are redirected to a strange town and are forced to fight for their lives and perform as entertainment for the bloodthirsty townsfolk. This is no ordinary rumble...Genres:action, horror, mysteryYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Quid Games

Seven college students are forced to compete in children's games for survival. With their futures unclear, the secrets of their pasts are revealed.Genres:action, horror, mysteryYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW


A grieving woman uses her virtual reality therapy to exact revenge on her former friends.Genres:comedy, mystery, thrillerYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Le Pont maudit: 2

According to legend, Yangminshan’s Chinese Culture University sits where the realms of the living and dead collide. The architecture was originally given an auspicious “bagua” design to ward off evil, but was instead maliciouslyGenres:horror, mystery, thrillerYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Menjelang Magrib

Three students majoring in psychology meet a mentally ill patient for a thesis and a documentary. Their research into the phases of mental change leads to mystical things that are difficult to accept by logic.Genres:drama, horror, mysteryYear:2022Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Raging Grace

An undocumented Filipina immigrant lands a job as a careworker for a seemingly terminal old man, securing a better life for her and her daughter. But a dark discovery threatens to destroy everything she’s strived for and holds dear.Genres:drama, horror, mysteryYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW


Medical examiner and pathologist Lisa examines a fresh corpse and discovers that the deceased is her accidental lover, and on her body there is an imprint of an ominous picture.Genres:mystery, thrillerYear:2022Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Substance noire

Genres:mystery, sci-fiYear:2020Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Já Estou Te Vendo

A maniac wearing a scary carnival mask and shoots malfunctioning tranquilizer darts at people who already are sleeping near him is attacking! The police was not invented yet, so the young Leticia will have to stop him by herself.Genres:horror, mystery, thrillerYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Founders Day

A small town is shaken by a series of ominous killings in the days leading up to a heated mayoral election.Genres:comedy, horror, mysteryYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW


A young girl discovers a bewitched necklace on the beach, unaware of the malevolent force linked to it. As she falls under its dark influence, she unwittingly releases a lethal water demon intent on ensnaring her and her loved ones.Genres:horror, mysteryYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

El río del terror

Andrejs, a meticulous outdoor adventure guide, takes a film crew to a wild river valley for a vegetarian sausage commercial shoot. The enterprise suffers an unexpected setback as the crew goes missing. Little they know that in autumnGenres:mystery, thrillerYear:2020Quality:HD WATCH NOW

The Ghost Station

Reporter Na-yeong and her partner investigate a series of mysterious deaths and a perplexing case where her source was allegedly already dead at the time of their interview. Together they end up confronting a terrifying truth.Genres:horror, mystery, thrillerYear:2022Quality:HD WATCH NOW

From the Ashes

A woman is jailed for her husband's crime, and her only way out is to solve riddles from her mysterious past.Genres:crime, drama, mysteryYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

The Breach

John Hawkins is set to retire from his post as police chief of the small town of Lone Crow, that is tucked away in the deep woods of northern Ontario. But following the discovery of a gruesome body with uncanny injuries, he’s pulledGenres:horror, mysteryYear:2022Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Silent Night, Fatal Night

Mallory Dearborn is one of the best-selling mystery writers in the market. Against the wishes of her manager Michael, she's decided to end her long-running detective franchise and focus on more personal matters. Desperate for aGenres:mysteryYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Dognapped: A Hound for the Holidays

When an egotistical social media influencer's dog is kidnapped, her long-suffering assistant teams up with charming local vet to find the puppy before Christmas. As the two investigate suspects, they form a romantic bond alongGenres:mystery, romanceYear:2022Quality:HD WATCH NOW


A policewoman returns with her young daughter to her hometown to care for her dying mother. The murder of a young girl will keep her there longer than expected. She will try to solve a case that no one seems to care about, riskingGenres:crime, drama, mysteryYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW


During a bitter 1964 Massachusetts winter, young secretary Eileen becomes enchanted by Rebecca Saint John, the glamorous new counselor at the prison where she works. Their budding friendship takes a twisted turn when Rebecca revealsGenres:drama, mystery, thrillerYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW