Pas de vagues

Julien, a young teacher, is wrongfully accused of sexual misconduct by a teenage girl from his class. As he faces mounting pressures from the girl’s older brother and her classmates, the situation spirals out of control. AllegationsGenres:dramaYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW


An amateur filmmaker, struggling to turn his passion into a career, returns home to Loveland with friends determined to obtain irrefutable proof that the cryptid legend of Frogman exists.Genres:horrorYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Kultus Iblis

A pair of twins come to a remote village to find out the cause of their father's strange death, but they end up trapped in a dangerous village full of terror.Genres:horrorYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Les Mystères des guerriers de terre cuite

Thousands of terracotta warriors guarded the first Chinese emperor's tomb. This is their story, told through archeological evidence and reenactments.Genres:documentaryYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW


Gabrielle has just joined a prestigious news program. With no formal training, she must prove herself and find her place among an experienced team of special correspondents. In the heat of the action, she will learn the language andGenres:dramaYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Oldies But Goodies

As the Lino Vartan shelter, which takes orphans and seniors in, has to shut down for health issues, Milann has no choice but to accept the invitation of a retirement home in the south of France.Genres:comedyYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Wild Eyed and Wicked

Lily Pierce is sick of being haunted. She decides to reconnect with her estranged father, a disgraced history professor, and learn how to draw upon a time of steel and blade when armor-clad knights rode out and dueled their monstersGenres:horror, fantasy, drama, mystery, thrillerYear:2024Quality:HDTV WATCH NOW

Un prince

The journey of a young man as he begins an apprenticeship in the French countryside to train as a gardener. There he encounters a trio of men who will prove decisive in both his nascent career as a horticulturist and in unleashingGenres:dramaYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Unsung Hero

When David Smallbone's successful music company collapses, he moves his family from Australia to the United States in search of a brighter future. With nothing more than their six children, their suitcases, and their love ofGenres:drama, familyYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Rafa Márquez: El capitán

The Mexican defender recounts wins and losses in the world of football and beyond, revealing an intimate look into his dreams, detours and determination.Genres:documentary, sportYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Toi et moi à la montagne

When product designer Rebecca fudges the truth during a job interview about being a confident leader, she finds her lie put to the test on a retreat in the mountains of Tahoe where she'll be assessed, along with other potentialGenres:comedy, romanceYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

À l'écoute du ventre : Les secrets de votre santé

Delve into the digestive system with this lighthearted and informative documentary that demystifies the role gut health plays in our overall well-being.Genres:documentaryYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

The White Crows

Vlad, a young closeted Russian homosexual, returns to his small hometown from Moscow. His brother Liokha has arranged a surprise for him: an evening in the sauna with a female prostitute.Genres:dramaYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

No estás sola : Ensemble face à la meute

Through key testimonies, this documentary looks at a gang rape that took place during the 2016 San Fermín festival and sparked protests worldwide.Genres:documentaryYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

River's Edge

Haruna Wakagusa is a high school student who lives with her mother. Ichiro Yamada is gay and Haruna’s classmate. He is bullied at school, but Haruna sticks up for Ichiro. They become intimate and Ichiro tells Haruna his secret. HeGenres:crime, dramaYear:2018Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Big bang, l'appel des origines

Genres:documentaryYear:2021Quality:HD WATCH NOW

The Tuba Thieves

A spate of robberies in Southern California schools had an oddly specific target: tubas. In this work of creative nonfiction, d/Deaf first-time feature director Alison O’Daniel presents the impact of these crimes from an unexpectedGenres:documentary, dramaYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

The Girl Who Wore Freedom

Discover stories of DDay from those who lived it.Powerful and deeply personal, THE GIRL WHO WORE FREEDOM tells the stories of an America that lived its values, instilling pride in a country that's in danger of becoming a relicGenres:documentary, historyYear:2021Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Melchior l'apothicaire : Le spectre de la rue du Puits

In the middle of the night, a drunk town guard happens to meet the daughter of a rich merchant… who drowned herself into a well 10 years ago. Soon after the town guard falls dead from the tower. This is followed by two otherGenres:crime, history, thrillerYear:2022Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Buenas Chicas

A lawyer travels to the south of Spain with her friends for a wine tour, but not everything goes according to plan. She meets her ex-partner by surprise.Genres:comedyYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW