Puño de furia

A television reporter interviews fighters and promoters about Bruce Lee in preparation for a tournament to claim the title of “Successor to the Bruce Lee legacy”. Footage from Bruce Lee's films and interviews are repurposed inGenres:documentary, sportYear:1980Quality:HD WATCH NOW


The Chinese tale of a poor young man. His mother married to the cruel king of the state and he wants to take his mother back. One old man comes from the heaven and makes his three wishes come true.Genres:animation, adventure, fantasy, tvmovieYear:1980Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Run Melos!

The story of Melos, a Greek country man that gets arrested and accused of conspiracy against the king. He gets three days to travel to his sister's wedding while Selinentius a genius sculptor and Melos's friend, stays as aGenres:animation, dramaYear:1980Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Rennyo and His Mother

Rennyo was the key figure responsible for the restoration of Shin Buddhism in Japan, in particular the Honganji lineage that had a slump in its fortunes during the Middle Ages. According to the legend, his motivation was a pivotalGenres:animationYear:1980Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Undersea Encounter

On a future Earth ruled by Emperor Darius, the crew members of the Nautilus Submarine fight bravely to win freedom from oppression.Genres:sciencefiction, adventure, tvmovie, animationYear:1980Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Space Warriors Baldios

After polluting their own planet beyond repair, a race of evil aliens target earth as their next home. Now it is up to a lone outcast and his robotic spacecraft, Baldios, to defend earth. But, first he must convince the distrustingGenres:animation, sciencefictionYear:1980Quality:HD WATCH NOW

The Monster Kid: Invitation to Monster Land

Based on the shounen manga by Fujiko Fujio. Screened as a double feature with Doraemon: The Record of Nobita, Spaceblazer. It's spring break and everyone is going on vacation but Heroshi doesn't have any place to go butGenres:animation, comedy, horrorYear:1980Quality:HD WATCH NOW


Up in Heaven, Yuki’s grandparents decide that, having turned thirteen years old, she must go down to Earth to a village that is torn by bandits and intervene to save its people. However if she does not succeed within one year sheGenres:animation, adventure, familyYear:1980Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Call of the Wild: Howl, Buck

Buck is a half German Shepard half Saint Bernard whose life is peaceful and happy living with the Millers in California. However, one day he is tricked and sold off. He ends up in the snowy North where he has become a sled dog duringGenres:animation, family, adventureYear:1980Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Bremen 4: Angels in Hell

An extraterrestrial tasks four animals to form a musical group and stop war from spiraling out of control.Genres:animation, familyYear:1980Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Doraemon: What am I for Momotaro

A short movie of Doraemon was released on August 1, 1981 in Japan. It is a retelling of the famous Japanese fable Momotaro.Genres:animation, short, adventureYear:1980Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Sea Prince and the Fire Child

In this Japanese animated film, Sea Prince and Fire Child are two youngsters in love who flee from their disapproving parents into a world filled with risks and adventure.Genres:family, fantasy, animation, romanceYear:1980Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Doraemon: The Record of Nobita, Spaceblazer

Seven years ago, Lopplc and Morina were playing at a park. Suddenly they felt an earthquake on the Koya Koya Planet. The quake was so massive that the planet was destroyed. Everyone had to escape using a giant ship. A sudden bolt ofGenres:animation, family, adventure, comedy, fantasyYear:1980Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Nos pires amis 2

Newly married couple Marcus and Emily invite their uninhibited besties Ron and Kyla to join them for a vacation when Marcus lands an all-expenses-paid trip to a Caribbean resort. When Kyla’s incarcerated father Reese is released andGenres:action, adventure, comedyYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Game Change Game

It tells the story of a tumultuous basketball season plagued by once unimaginable circumstances.Genres:---Year:2022Quality:HD WATCH NOW


The Financial Director for a democratic super PAC behind a frontrunner presidential candidate investigates donations uncovering a conspiracy.Genres:drama, mystery, thrillerYear:2022Quality:HD WATCH NOW

The Chain Reaction

A holidaying couple is pursued by the thugs of a nearby nuclear storage facility's boss, who is intent on covering up an accidental leak.Genres:action, drama, sciencefictionYear:1980 WATCH NOW

Madonna and Child

A depressed man with a boring job cares for his aging mother, cruises for gay sex and guiltily confesses his sins in an entangled web of memory and despair.Genres:short, dramaYear:1980 WATCH NOW

Rip in Time

Sarah is an organic farmer who meets a man named Rip Van Winkle Jr., who claims to be from 1787. Soon, she discovers old-fashioned romantic feelings that might be just as crazy as his story.Genres:tvmovie, drama, fantasy, romanceYear:2022Quality:HD WATCH NOW

She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown

Peppermint Patty is in zealous training for a figure skating competition, but with no help from her grumpy coach, Snoopy. He growls coaching tips that don't make sense, and Marcie can't sew the dress Peppermint Patty isGenres:animation, comedyYear:1980Quality:HD WATCH NOW