Sometimes I Think About Dying

Fran likes to think about dying. It brings sensation to her quiet life. When she makes the new guy at work laugh, it leads to more: a date, a slice of pie, a conversation, a spark. The only thing standing in their way is Fran herself.Genres:comedy, drama, romanceYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Safari diamants

Raphaël, a former paratrooper, is unable to adapt to the constraints of social life. One day, he becomes the unwilling accomplice of jewel thieves and falls in love with Electre, the mistress of Alaphène, their boss. Electre givesGenres:crime, drama, romanceYear:1966Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Sale Temps Pour Les Mouches

Renowned atomic scientists are kidnapped on French soil. Inspector San-Antonio and his loyal deputy Bérurier infiltrate a gang suspected of involvement in the case, in order to trace the trail.Genres:crime, dramaYear:1966Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Ces messieurs de la famille

Gabriel Pelletier, sales manager for a major industrial firm, would be the happiest of men if he didn't have a family of rare originality. The day Gabriel Pelletier is asked by the firm's management to welcome andGenres:comedyYear:1966Quality:HD WATCH NOW

The Last War of the Heavenliods and Akutoliods

A movie finale to Munto, a director's cut of the climactic scenes with new footage.Genres:dramaYear:2008Quality:HD WATCH NOW

The Machine

Bert Kreischer faces a familial crisis and the arrival of his estranged father when the ghost of his booze-soaked past arrives: a murderous mobster hellbent on kidnapping Bert back to the motherland to atone for his crimes. Together,Genres:comedy, action, crimeYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Charlie Brown's All-Stars!

After their humiliating 999th defeat, Charlie Brown's whole baseball team quits on him. All seems lost...until Charlie Brown learns that his team can join the Little League and become an official team with real uniforms! But asGenres:animation, comedy, family, tvmovieYear:1966Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Paradise, Hawaiian Style

Blacklisted by the major airlines for endlessly chasing female staff, pilot Rick Richards returns to Hawaii to set up a helicopter charter company with his friend Danny. Having a girl on every island is a good way to get business butGenres:music, comedy, romanceYear:1966Quality:HD WATCH NOW

The Oscar

An amoral lowlife accidentally stumbles into an acting career that sets him on a trajectory to Hollywood stardom. But everyone on whom he steps on the way to the top remembers when he is nominated for an Oscar and he runs a dirtyGenres:dramaYear:1966Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Girl on a Chain Gang

Three young people are framed, arrested, and thrown into prison by corrupt Southern police.Genres:dramaYear:1966 WATCH NOW

Jason Isbell: Running With Our Eyes Closed

An exploration of the personal and creative struggles behind the music of four-time Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Jason Isbell.Genres:documentaryYear:2024 WATCH NOW

Flamin' Hot

The inspiring true story of Richard Montañez, the Frito Lay janitor who channeled his Mexican American heritage and upbringing to turn the iconic Flamin’ Hot Cheetos into a snack that disrupted the food industry and became a globalGenres:comedy, dramaYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Love to Love You, Donna Summer

Follows the life of iconic singer Donna Summer.Genres:documentary, musicYear:2023 WATCH NOW


An ex-military doctor finds herself in a deadly battle for survival when the Irish mafia seize control of the hospital at which she works. When her son is taken hostage, she is forced to rely upon her battle-hardened past and lethalGenres:thriller, actionYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Circus of Fear

A circus becomes the location for stolen loot and murder.Genres:horror, mystery, thrillerYear:1966Quality:HD WATCH NOW


When a plot against a prominent Middle Eastern politician is uncovered, David Pollock, a professor of ancient hieroglyphics at Oxford University, is recruited to help expose the scheme. Pollock must find information believed to be inGenres:adventure, comedy, romance, thriller, action, crimeYear:1966Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Born Free

At a national park in Kenya, English game warden George Adamson and his wife, Joy, care for three orphaned lion cubs. After the two larger lions are shipped off to a zoo in the Netherlands, the smallest of the three, Elsa, stays withGenres:adventureYear:1966Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Grand Prix

The story tells about the confrontation of four first-class racers of Formula 1. Each of the competitors had their own additional motivation to become a champion. Their world is a risk and extreme, fast driving on the highway. TheGenres:action, dramaYear:1966Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Ride in the Whirlwind

Three cowboys, mistaken for members of an outlaw gang, are relentlessly pursued by a posse.Genres:drama, westernYear:1966 WATCH NOW


What seems like an innocent wine tasting weekend turns into a bizarre, wicked, sensually overheated debauchery, culminating in a murderous grand finale evening and fateful morning after.Genres:dramaYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW