Marco Polo : Cent Yeux

Before he lost his sight. Before he pledged his service to Kublai Khan. Hundred Eyes saw what made him into the deadly assassin who trains Marco Polo.Genres:action, drama, historyYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW

The Greatest Hits

Harriet finds art imitating life when she discovers certain songs can transport her back in time – literally. While she relives the past through romantic memories of her former boyfriend, her time travelling collides with aGenres:comedy, drama, fantasyYear:2024Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Hôtel Singapura

This sensitive and sensual film draws together several narratives spanning several decades, all of them transpiring in the same room of the same Singaporean hotel — and all of them involving sex.Genres:comedy, drama, romanceYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW

3 jours max

The Grandmother of Ryane was kidnapped by a Mexican cartel and he has three days max to free her.Genres:comedyYear:2023Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Shaun le mouton : Les lamas du fermier

In The Farmer's Llamas the wily sheep bluffs his dim-witted farmer master into bidding for three llamas at a county fair. Once they show up at the farm, however, they cause such chaotic destructive mayhem that Shaun has toGenres:animation, comedy, familyYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW

The Diamond Sword - Kampf um Dschingis Khans Erbe

Diamond Sword is a large-scale historical drama of first Kazakh Khans, which BBC called "Kazakh Game Of Thrones". The action takes place in the XV century, and the plot demonstrates the key events in formation of KazakhGenres:action, drama, historyYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW


When Chihaya Ayase was in the 6th grade of elementary school, she met Arata Wataya. Arata Wataya transferred from Fukui Prefecture. Taichi Mashima was Chihaya Ayase's friend since they were little. Arata got close to Chihaya andGenres:comedy, drama, romanceYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Your Lie in April

Arima Kousei won numerous piano competitions while under the strict watch of his mother. He was known as the human metronome during that time. Since the death of his mother, Kousei has been unable to hear the sound of his piano. HeGenres:drama, music, romanceYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Flowers of Evil

Breathing with the rhythm of street music, Flowers of Evil is an edgy, topical and ragged story of a family trying to survive the pressures of restlessness. The main character Sipe, 14, has a touching relationship with hisGenres:crime, dramaYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW

The Jungle Book: Make-A-Wish

The Jungle Book: tell the story of Mowgli a young boy who is fighting cancer. Mowgli's mom and Grandfather Tom pray for a miracle as Mowgli's condition starts to deteriorate. When Mowgli's closes his eyes, his mindGenres:drama, adventureYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Delete Beach

Delete Beach is a futuristic tale set in the near future, in which a schoolgirl joins an anti-capitalist resistance group in a society in which carbon-based energy is illegal. Made in collaboration with Studio 4°C, one of Japan’sGenres:animation, sciencefictionYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Matasaburou of the Wind

A girl moves from the city and goes to school in the country due to some circumstances in her father's job. Her new schoolmates keep her at a distance. There is a boy she'd like to get to know better, but she worries aboutGenres:animation, fantasyYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW

One Piece: Heart of Gold

A girl named Olga is pursued by both the World Government and a man named Mad Treasure, as she is the only one who knows the location of the Pure Gold, a substance that can buy the entire world. Olga ends up sailing with the StrawGenres:animation, adventure, comedy, fantasy, actionYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW


In a distant future, three naive children, part of a new human-animal hybrid race, climb down from their comfortable tower city to Earth's wild surface in search of the origins of a strange seed.Genres:animation, short, adventureYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Kagerou Daze: In a Day's

Another beginning, the mekakushi-dan start at the mall as always, but, the terrorists attack. They have to battle it out, while also meeting new people along the way.Genres:animation, shortYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW


In 2007, the inhabitants of Danger Planet II fight their battles using remote-controlled robots or "virtual puppets." Kirio Nimura is a high school student and the strongest puppeteer on the planet, until he falls for SairiGenres:animation, sciencefiction, actionYear:1998Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Like the Wind

Sanpei is a boy beekeeper and the sole survivor of an accident that killed his entire family. Sanpei meets Chiyo, a girl who gets stung by a bee, and starts a new life in her village. Eventually, Sanpei cultivates the land that theGenres:animation, dramaYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Jellyfish Restaurant

In the story, the protagonist Youtarou Misaki finds himself lying on the beach one day. He is picked up by Arashi, who manages a restaurant called Kurage no Shokudou. When asked who he is, the protagonist tells a lie that he lost hisGenres:animation, short, dramaYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW

Detective Opera Milky Holmes the Movie: Milky Holmes' Counterattack

The four members of Milky Holmes are going on a study tour. While soaking in the hot springs among snow monkeys, alarms interrupt the relaxing environment! It was the work of the Thief Empire. A fierce battle between Milky Holmes andGenres:comedy, animation, mysteryYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW


Shelter tells the story of Rin, a 17-year-old girl who lives her life inside of a futuristic simulation completely by herself in infinite, beautiful loneliness. Each day, Rin awakens in virtual reality and uses a tablet whichGenres:animation, fantasy, musicYear:2015Quality:HD WATCH NOW